Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beesting anyone???

AM dropping in to share my latest win!

I found a recipe from Mother Hubbards Cupboard for Beesting, yep not the bug variety, but the delish cake style variety.

I live in South Australia, and about an hours drive is the wonderful Hahndorf.  There sells the most fabulous Beesting, but alas, I rarely get there.

So I went on a hunt for a recipe for it, a really decent recipe for that matter.

I stumbled across Mother Hubbards Cupboard, and as a bonus it was a recipe using the thermomix.

It was the closest recipe to the original here in Hahndorf I have found, now I can enjoy at home anytime of the day or night without the extra hours travel lol

Head on over to the site and pop in beesting to find this.  I left the link generic as this lady has a great site of other tasty treats and you may just stumble on another winner just like I did.

Happy baking!

Oh and I am starting a facebook page for all my food adventures, i will post recipes that I have found in my travels that have worked, links to those recipes, and anything else I think pertains to good food.
Check it out and like it here:

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