Monday, March 14, 2016

Zoodles Zoodles Zoodles...

I love pasta, it DOES NOT love me!

Last year in my quest to change my family's food habits I came across a vegetable spiral machine.

I call it a zoodle maker as predominantly I use it with Zucchini
It was purchased at Kmart for $15.

We also use it for carrots and cucumber now for our salads.

So.. tonight I tried a new spaghetti sauce recipe for the thermomix from Sistermixin
you will find it on her blog under Chunky Spag Bol with hidden Veg

It was a pretty nice recipe, it wasn't as red in colour as my normal sauce on the stovetop is, but it was still really delicious. PS I did just add freshly grated parmesan, grating from a block is so much nicer in flavour. I don't think you will be disappointed with this one :)

I have to say I popped the zucchini in the varoma for the last two minutes of the cooking process and it was just perfect by the time I got to plate it up
I use 1 zucchini per person in lieu of pasta.

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