Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Rustic Cabin...

I am just dropping in to share with you my rustic cabin?  Seen it before? yep! Was on my previous blog, a blog that two hosting companies could not transfer over properly, leaving me without it more than I was with it, I am over both of them.  So starting anew.

My little easel card is super cute don't you think? 
Nothing screams a wintery Christmas to me more than a burning fire in a log cabin, tucked up with a cozy book and a hot chocolate.

 The little snowman is attached with window sheet from Stampin' up! 

Cut out the front of the card as below:

 Glue the bottom half ONLY of the score line as below:

add the front of the cabin detail on to the front where you have glued.

Hope you like it

Thanks for stopping by


  1. How did you do the lighting behind the window?

  2. Melissa I love your card! Would you be willing to share dimensions, assembly, etc. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Marjorie, I no longer have the dimensions, it was on my old blog which I cant get access to :( however it is a standard card size made into an easel. The verandah runs the length of the card and is scored into three sections, the section that is glued to the card, the section that is the verandah roof top and then the front of the verandah. the verandah posts are also scored into three sections along the bottom, the end part glued to the front of the card, the part that sticks out then the part that runs up to the top of the verandah. The card size is different in Australia to the USA I think so start with whatever your standard card size base is. The top layer of the card is crumb cake run through my crimper, so you have to allow for a little shrinkage when crimping so I would cut it a little larger then trim afterwards. I will see if I have anymore photos on my computer to show how I did it and put it into my post above. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you I have only just got onto my computer (first time in weeks)

    2. Thanks so much Melissa. I did end up making the card just guessing at it. It turned out pretty well but not a true easel card. You can see it on my blog http://parttimestamper.blogspot.ca/2015/12/rustic-cabin

  3. Thanks for looking at my card. It was so fun to make and now will be even better with these added details. Not this year but it is on my list to make a couple next Christmas. I have already cut a template so I don't forget! Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. What an amazing card! I am so sorry about the frustration with not being able to transfer your blog posts, a complete loss to all of us! I just love this card. I wasn't going to buy those stamp sets until I saw your card! Thankfully SU is going to carry these stamp and die sets over next year so hopefully you'll be able to add some more info to your instructions for people who would like to learn more, including me! I think it makes a fabulous "winter" card, not just for Christmas! Sending you huge cyber hugs for the really awesome inspiration!