Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Talk about missing in Action....

Hi peeps,

I have definitely been missing in action, do you ever find yourself stuck solely on one hobby or interest for awhile, then something new comes along and BAM! you are all interested in that and the first passion takes a back seat?

Well that is me!  I have stamped and scrapbooked for the past 10 years and while I still love it, I am not all consumed by it like I was.

Sooo... you may ask what has sparked my new interest!  

Its cooking, and not just regular cooking but all cooking.  I did discover thermal cookers about 12 months ago, so I bought a cheap one to see how I would like it.

Turns out i LOVE LOVE LOVE it.   So I upgraded my cheaper machine to the
Thermomix and haven't looked back
NOTE: I don't sell these machines, I just don't have time ha ha ha, but if you are in Adelaide I know a lovely person who can help you out, just message me)

Here is a pic of the machine.  The extra little eye candy to the right of the picture is the new ambassador for thermomix,  pretty easy on the eye huh?  (Oh I meant the machine lol)

I am passionate about cooking my family good nutritious foods.  Without preservatives, colours, and as often as I can no refined sugars, it is amazing what you learn, and I have definitely learnt that I do NOT want all this artificial stuff in my families bodies.  So I set about trying to eliminate it.

It definitely is a work in progress but my little workhorse helps me no end and all the while saving me a whole heap of money in my shopping each week as I no longer buy the ahem "crap"

SO thats what I have been up to. making breads and rolls, curries and sauces, dips and snacks, oh the list is endless.  I may just share more of my cooking adventures on here with you in the future.
For those of you who do have a machine and love it, I have also decided to become an affiliate for Alyce Alexandra - pop on over and have a look at the amazing products she sells in her online store.
I will pop the link in my sidebar also :)
The one thing I do recommend from Alyce Alexandra is the Mackies Jumbo (900g) bread tin, it is amazing and if you pop on over to Facebook THERMOMUMMA (facebook only page, and all capitals if you search, as there are two with the same name, and you want the right one - yep you do) has the best bread recipes on the planet, no fail and works everytime -- YUM!
So thats it from me for today, I will leave you with a picture of my delish bread I made recently
this is the 900g tin but I used the lid to keep it square for lunchboxes!
The Chicken loaf pictured is also made fresh in the thermie, and you can find the link to the most amazing ladies recipes here SKINNYMIXERS - Again I will pop the link on my sidebar :)

Sooo... thats what I have been up to, I will be back with some cards soon I promise, I have a class in a few weeks so def will have 3 cards to share with you so check back.

Have fun in life...

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