Saturday, July 16, 2016

An exciting new addition to the.....


Bet you thought I was going to say a baby!   I am so past those days ha ha, but I did receive my sizzix big shot tool caddy by courier today (yes on a Saturday)

I Love it.  It is perfect for me.

This is how it comes out of the box. I have added the front sizzix plate holder.

The plate holder is extendable

There is a tape dispenser which I keep my 3m micropore tape in now.

See the extension on the front to hold all those plates etc - LOVE IT.
It also holds my scissors, pick, roller for those fiddly dies, pens, fine precision glue and still have space left on the right side next to the tape dispenser.

Side view with how it looks, Have added the little foam mat for rolling over the dies, and the magnetic platform, precision base plate, and ca still fit in two spare clear plates if I wish.

So thats it from me for today, I have some exciting products just come in that I have stumbled across lately so hopefully will be back to share some of them really soon.
Have a wonderful day.

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